front-cover.jpgThis is my spiritual autobiography! This is my warning and encouragement to everyone alive.  This book is a token of my love for every man.  This book is for everyone to understand, there is a God and Christ  is God’s masterful plan of Salvation.  Christ is the author and finisher of my faith. By faith, I now live each day holding on to the hopes recorded in the Holy Bible. Christ is my hope. Christ is my Life!!!Testimony-cross

Posted by: phairw | May 11, 2009

Ham vs. Abra-Ham

Ham: Fallen Father  –  Abraham: Exalted Father;  Ham: Father of many nations in sin  –  Abraham: Father of many nations saved from sin;  Ham: Father of the unfaithful  –  Abraham: Father of the faithful;  Ham: Father of Black people (children of darkness)  –  Abraham: Father of the children of Light;  Ham: left his Father house because of sin, and God counted him unrighteous  –  Abraham: left his Father house by faith, and God counted him righteous!!!

Bible_Map3It takes faith and understanding of God’s Word (The Bible) to receive this doctrine of Ham vs. Abra-Ham!!!  If you study well under the light of God, you would see clearly how God called Abraham to replace Ham.

This map shows how the earth was divided (afther the flood) by the three sons of Noah (Japheth, Shem, & Ham).  All the land where Ham descendents settled, Abraham descendents settled also…,  included the Land of Canaan.  The Land of Canaan (a.k.a the land of Milk and Honey), was first owned by the descendents of Canaan, and he was Ham’s son (his First-born).  And Canaan’s descendents possessed the land until God replaced them with Abraham’s descendents, the nation of ISRAEL (God’s First-born nation). Can you SEE it? Do you understand??? Ham and his children has fallen from God –  Abraham and his children has been raised up to God.  And just like Christ Jesus is called the Second ADAM;  so is AbraHAM (the Exalted Father) called the Second HAM……. 

(DO YOU BELIEVE………..???)

Posted by: phairw | May 8, 2009

Is the number of the Beast 666…?

666It has been taught for cenutries…, and probably has been uttered since 1400 A.D.  and maybe even earlier.  But WHY!!! Why are christians confident the number of the Beast, is six hundred threescore and six (666)?

  If you search the scriptures…, it is written in the Bible 666.  But it doesn’t say it’s the number of the Beast!!!!  Let’s look at Revelation 13:18…, it reads, “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” 666 is not the Beast

 So the scripture plainly tells us to Count the Number of the beast! RIGHT…?  So now I ask you, WHAT do we count???; and was 666 counted or told to us? The answer is NO!  666 was not counted, it was given or told to us!!!   And the Bible also tells us there’s a certain man with the number 666! RIGHT…?   So who is this man with the number 666…?  The answer is King Solomon!  The OT scriptures testifies in two places, that Solomon had this number in GOLD [1st Kings 10:14; 2nd Chronicles 9:13].  So if King Solomon is the man Revelation is speaking of, how does it relates to the Beast (that is the question)???  But, it has been taught for cenutries that the number of the beast is 666 when that’s WRONG!!!   Here my proof according to the  scriptures…, plus I testified in my book the number of the beast is Five hundred and seventy (570).  A number I COUNTED!!!  I challenge anyone respectfully with this blog post…, and I welcome all challenges against my understanding of the scriptures.